Certificate Authority

New Certificate Services Tool:


The old Certificate Services tool, hosted at certs.cac.washington.edu, has been retired. The same functionality is available through the new Certificate Services tool at the link above (automatic redirect in 60 seconds). You can use the new tool to request UWCA certificates and InCommon certificates.

If you're looking for the UW CA root certificate, it is still available at the following link: https://certs.cac.washington.edu/?req=svpem.

Metadata for unexpired and recently expired certs on this site has been copied to the new site. If you can't find the information you need on the new site, please email help@uw.edu.

The retired site can be viewed at https://certs.cac.washington.edu/index.cgi, but with diminished functionality. Deep links to the old site, including the up-to-date Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and root certificate, will be maintained at their original URLs as long as the UWCA is in operation and any certificates signed by it are not expired.