Certificate Authority

Note: Although still usable, this Certificate Authority application now has legacy status. The new UW Certificate Services application provides consolidated certificate request and management functions for both the UW Services CA and the InCommon CA. See the UW Certificate Services documentation for a comparison of CA features.

This site supports University of Washington system administrators and application developers. If you are looking for information about the Certificate Authority (CA), or want to install the CA's root certificate into your browser, please see our user documentation site.

For system administrators and application developers

The University of Washington maintains this Certificate Authority to facilitate secure communincation between clients and services at the University by issuing IETF X509 client and server certificates to authorized applications. These certificates allow the applications to positively identify themselves and authenticate their peers in a communications network.

Use these pages to request, acquire and manage certificates for your web servers and applications. If you are uncertain if a UW Services CA certificate is right for your application, see our usage guidelines.